Wondershare Review 2020: Is it Safe to Buy its Products?

Wondershare is a name that will pop up frequently if you are looking for software such as video converters and editors. The company has a large catalog of products under it and there’s always something for anyone looking for creative work. Wondershare also has a nice suite of free products but just like in real life, you must know about the company before purchasing anything. What is Wondershare? is it Safe? what are its products? I will answer these questions and more in today’s article.

We will briefly go over the history and the main products of the company. We will also discuss the complaints associated with it. Ready? let’s get started.

What is Wondershare?

Wondershare is a Chinese company that develops a lot of programs that help users with productivity and creativity. They also develop utilities for PC, Mac, and mobile devices. They have been around for a long time now and they mainly offer products at competitive prices.

Most Popular Wondershare Products

Wondershare is used by a lot of creative professionals. Normal users mainly use productivity and utility programs. The most popular Wondershate products are:

1. Filmora

Filmora 9 is a video editing software that is used by professionals. It’s a nice tool for beginners since there are tons of Filmora tutorials on Youtube. The program is feature-filled too. You can also get better controls with Filmora Pro and you can get a lot of stock images with Filmstock.

2. Uniconvereter

Uniconverter is another popular Wondershare product. As the name suggests, the program can convert videos into different formats. The website claims that it can convert them to 3000 different formats 30 times faster. The app also lets you slightly edit and compress the video.

3. PDFElement Pro

PDFElement Pro is a program that people consider over choosing Microsoft’s or Adobe’s offering. It has a lot of useful features. You can edit the pdf, convert it into other formats while retaining the layouts, and also add comments. You can also increase the number of features with the pro version if you so choose to.

4. Dr. fone

Dr.fone is a data recovery app for phones that also offers other features. You can use it to create backups, transfer files, or repair iOS. The app can be downloaded for free but most of its features are restricted by a paywall.

5. recoverit

recoverit is a program for computers that claims that it can recover data from corrupted drives. It can also recover data that was deleted from the recycle bin and formatted drives.

Are Wondershare Products Safe to Buy?

From all the reviews that I’ve seen, the products work as they are advertised. You can use all of the features. The products are also virus free.

However, there have been reports of some users complaining about the helper compact that comes bundled in with the software. While not everyone faces this issue, some users have faced negative impacts on performance, and deleting the program isn’t straightforward.

However, the main criticism faced by the company according to sitejabber.com is the refund policy. Of the 25 reviews, I have seen some users complain that their money wasn’t refunded even after contacting the company and even the card companies refused to refund it. The cancellation of subscription steps was also criticized by some users because of its complexity.

Final Take

From what I’ve seen, people who have complaints about Wondershare products belong to a minority. Most people who have used the products have no complaints. So, yes, it Wondershare is safe and you can buy Wondershare products with full confidence. 

I hope that that this answered your questions and if you have any other doubts, please let me know in the comments section down below.

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